Aerogel is one of the most amazing substances on the planet. 

Some might even consider it "out of this world." Most of the time, it actually is. 

Developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs in the 1930s, aerogel has become one of the most incredible materials ever created, lining rockets, space suits, and collecting comet dust. 

A silica-based substance, aerogel is the third-lightest material ever made. Its resistance to heat and cold make it the world's best insulator, 8 times more efficient than styrofoam, and 4 times better than fibre glass.

With stats like that, you have to wonder why isn't aerogel in everything?

It all comes down to money.

Gram-for-gram, aerogel is more expensive than gold. With such a high barrier, many innovators are deterred from using the substance, opting for other, lesser materials. 

We at Entropy Labs recognize the benefits of aerogel, and are committed to creating an aerogel for a drastically reduced price. We want to allow scientists and innovators from around the world to use aerogel in ways never thought possible. 

It's time we shake up the community and do things our way. 

Stay tuned for updates from our labs about when our aerogel will be available.

For inquires about collaboration, or interest in using an affordable aerogel in your designs or products, contact us. Creating chaos is always more fun when others are involved.